What's the point of buying a router?

Answer An additional router is good when say you have DSL and need to connect two or more PC's to the internet. you connect your Ethernet cable from the modem router to the router and then have 3 or four... Read More »

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Using 2nd router as bridge/access point?

For a second router to be used, you need to make it a non-router...Forget bridge mode, that's to do linking the LAN with the WAN port; routing.A home broadband router consists of a (modem input to)... Read More »

How to add another access point to a netgear router?

A wireless router enables multiple devices to remotely connect to a network, typically to access the Internet and share data. A router is distinct from an access point, it links devices on the netw... Read More »

How cxan i turn my second wireless router into an access point?

Assume your current router is, configure the second to be and keep it on the same /24 subnet ( Make sure the second router is configured to obtain a DHCP add... Read More »

How To Use a Belkin Wireless G Router As a Range Booster Access Point?

A wireless networking device such as the Belkin Wireless G router is primarily intended to be used as a central connection point for your home or office network. If you have enough devices to netwo... Read More »