What's the point of twitter?

Answer i know, i opened one and thought it was pants

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Why have a c.v whats the point?

It's always worth having one anyway. A lot of employers still use it as part of the selection process. Believe me, most may not bother sending you an application pack if you don't have a decent CV ... Read More »

Whats the point in a "Bus Lane"?

bus lanes are for buses only for an extended time. buses have specific time schedule planned out already so ppl who are trying to get to work early already know what time they are suppose to be the... Read More »

Whats the point of My Space, I dont get it?

It's a good way to keep in touch with friends. Some people use it for meeting new people and dating. Personally I just like to talk to School friends.

Whats the point of NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT?

It is usful but clearly not as good as the discount they use to attract new custom. Such is the way of the commercial world today. They're happier with the cost of attracting new business than re... Read More »