Whats up with these "subscribe" and get 2000 friend invites on facebook?

Answer it's fake, i've subscribed when they said that, and it doesn't work

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What is the big deal with why do people be begging for invites for it whats so special?

Are you a member???? LMAOIt is for hard core torrents. It may be private and it is great because there are records of people and after getting caught uploading viruses etc. They are kicked out, so... Read More »

Friend invites aren't being sent to my windows live messenger?

This always happens to me, if that person has added you, you add them too then it should work. I know it sounds funny but that's how mine works with the 2011 version.

If I subscribe to someone on FB who's not my friend do they know?

If i am not mistaken, they can see it below their profile pictures.See this image:…

Whats wrong with my transit 35T 2.4 yr 2000?

If we run with faulty alternator it can short things hence issues. Are we sure we connected battery correct polarity? ?