What's virgin's email adress in the uk?


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What is microsofts email adress?

At the moment they are receiving and replying to nothing as they are ready to announce that hot mail is being replaced with AGLOO.

Can you change the name on your email adress?

I doubt you can change the email address but you may be able to create a new one on the same Windows Live ID. - there and click on "email addresses" and see if you ca... Read More »

Create new yahoo email adress?

log out of your current yahoo name and go to or any link of yahoo that requires you to log-in. there, click on create new account

Hotkey for typing email adress?

In order to make a hotkey, you must first have a shortcut to the file, folder, or program. To make a hotkey for a file, folder, or program, do the following:1. Locate the shortcut for the file, fol... Read More »