What's with this new set up /l ayout with Yahoo?

Answer No. It's not just you. They have been "Fixing what is not broken". This is supposed be "new and improved"... But if this is "New and Improved"... Frankly, I'll take "Old and Lousy" any day! I like... Read More »

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I have this cracking sound problem with my alienware m11x, so whats the solution, does dell fix this for free?

Sena,Sorry to hear about he cracking audio you are experiencing. You can reinstall the Chipset Drivers first and the reinstall the Audio drivers to see if that will resolve the issue. If that does ... Read More »

Whats wrong with this cpu?

Typically AMD CPU's don't perform too well because games don't take advantage of all their cores, which is their strength. Intel CPU's tend to have faster cores, but less of them, so they perform b... Read More »

Whats wrong with my car this time...?

have you fuel pump checked out, seems like its not holding pressure and its on its way out.good luckwhen you say it wont start, does it crank over at all or do you just get a clicking noise? if it... Read More »

Whats is a decent motherboard to get with this cpu?

Performance wise there isn't much difference between motherboards nowadays (unless you want to overclock but you've chosen a non-overclockable CPU so that isn't relevant here). So the big question ... Read More »