What's wrong with facebook 29/09/2009?

Answer Looks like they have major problem!! Have been trying to get on all afternoon!

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Anyone know whats wrong with facebook?

It sucks.My account has had many bugs recently, i don't know any inside information but i would guess that it has something to do with the thousands of new members it gets each day; i doubt they ar... Read More »

Whats Wrong With My Facebook?

Anyone of your friends might have reported you to facebook.Depending on the number of persons who reported you, you can't post updates accordingly.If u have written something wrong about your frien... Read More »

Whats wrong with Facebook today?

It seems to be working for some people but not for others, loads of people have been asking about it on here all day.

Whats wrong with facebook, its not working?

same for me servers are down hope they hurry up and fix it grrrrrr