What's wrong with my computer?

Answer 4GB of RAM really isn't enough for Windows 7 & serious gaming. You could be seeing a delay due to excessive paging when a new program loads. Upgrading to 8GB (at least) of RAM should help. I ass... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my computer?

Whats wrong with my computer Help plz?

your only hope is to tie it to the end of a fishing rod, and let it into water for exactly 2:33 minutes...

My computer is playing up. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with it?

hi i had this problem a while back when decoratingcomputers hate to be moved and i had to move mineall it was was the graphics card and moved when i removed the case and pushed it all was ok

Facebook looks weird on my computer. WHATS WRONG!!!?

It sounds like either - you have an older version of Internet explorer- or you've got a problem with internet explorer.Could also be a temporary glitch.Try emptying your browser history.Try reinsta... Read More »