Whats wrong with my wifi?

Answer Try wiping your router, happened to me. There should be a tiny button underneath or on the back, use a pin to press it then all the name will be standard. Login to the control panel, change the nam... Read More »

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Whats Wrong With My PC?

Bro there are few things that create this problem...lets cast a glance on them one by onesometimes the cable that connets monitor to the cpu stops we have this problem..sometimes our ... Read More »

Whats wrong with my PC!?

try another burning programhere is a good free one http://freeeasyburner.comsome times just installing a new program helpsit only takes 5 minutes ~so it will be worth a try.hope this helps

Whats wrong with my car?

Sounds to me like the clutch needs to be replaced. On flat level ground, release the handbrake then with the car in first gear drop the clutch peddle. If the clutch is worn the car will not stall s... Read More »

Whats wrong with girls with a bit of meat on them x?

I agree with you .....110% I do not find "boy hips" at all attractive, women with curves looks so much better! Some women are naturally thin , others are natural with a "little more meat." As lo... Read More »