Whats wrong with my wifi?

Answer Try wiping your router, happened to me. There should be a tiny button underneath or on the back, use a pin to press it then all the name will be standard. Login to the control panel, change the nam... Read More »

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I was jump starting a car and put the leads on wrong and the battery wont hold a charge, whats wrong- 05 corsa?

hahaha, sorry to laugh, what uve done is something called reverse pollarity, 05 corsa should have the new gel type battery, if so, its done its job and killed itself cause u shorted it by fitting t... Read More »

Whats wrong with my PC!?

try another burning programhere is a good free one http://freeeasyburner.comsome times just installing a new program helpsit only takes 5 minutes ~so it will be worth a try.hope this helps

Whats Wrong With My PC?

Bro there are few things that create this problem...lets cast a glance on them one by onesometimes the cable that connets monitor to the cpu stops we have this problem..sometimes our ... Read More »

Whats wrong?

cause your flimflam is stuck in the dooseldorf