Whats wrong with this IP Packet Tracer?

Answer means you have a range of 2 in the third octet. Start counting by 2's and you'll see what I mean: Read More »

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How to remove commad from packet tracer - configured wrong network address on router?

Then why don't you go back into the router's settingsand put the right network information in?Pretty obvious I would have thought!

I was jump starting a car and put the leads on wrong and the battery wont hold a charge, whats wrong- 05 corsa?

hahaha, sorry to laugh, what uve done is something called reverse pollarity, 05 corsa should have the new gel type battery, if so, its done its job and killed itself cause u shorted it by fitting t... Read More »

Whats wrong with this cpu?

Typically AMD CPU's don't perform too well because games don't take advantage of all their cores, which is their strength. Intel CPU's tend to have faster cores, but less of them, so they perform b... Read More »

Any know whats wrong with my car...?

Its a multi v belt actually. You only have a fan belt on a car over 20 years old. The belt used to run the radiator fan. Now it's electric.