Whats your connection speed?

Answer Incredibly slow and drives me nuts!!

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Whats the average internet connection speed mbps?

Bandwidth and speed are related, but are different measurements of the media. Bandwidth is the maximum available amount that one can achieve on a given circuit. Your actual "speed" depends on whe... Read More »

What is your internet connection speed ?

I'm on Virgin's 10 Mb/s cable and it delivers what it says on the tin!…

How can I check my internet connection speed perfectly Surfing speed as well as download speed?

You can also try the…and websitesOther tools on the net, search google for free broadband speed tests, will show more detailed in... Read More »

How to Speed up your Internet Connection if It is Being Sluggish?

Speed up a sluggish Internet connection to make pages, videos and multimedia load faster on your computer. Troubleshoot aspects of connection, such as issues pertaining to the modem or router, your... Read More »