Whats your typing speed?

Answer I got 48wpm, and im 14, but i got 3 mistakes. I diddn't even know I typed that fast. I diddn't build up speed at all, I had to look at the word to know how to spell it :S

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Whats a good website for testing your typing speed?…

In typing, what is short hand, touch typing and audio typing. very confused!!!?

Short hand is taking notes in a code that you type up in full after.Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboardAudio typing is listening to a tape of dictation and typing it as you go along

What is a good typing speed?

60-80 word per minute is excellent if you want to work in the secretarial field or if you're just improving for your own use 60+ is good!

How can I increase my typing speed?

Thats excalty what i use 2 do.. but now i dont.. thanks to typing can download this and its all step by step so you shuld be able to get ur to type faster I use Ad-Ware and ToniArts Eas... Read More »