Whats your typing speed?

Answer I got 48wpm, and im 14, but i got 3 mistakes. I diddn't even know I typed that fast. I diddn't build up speed at all, I had to look at the word to know how to spell it :S

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Whats a good website for testing your typing speed?…

Is it possible to work in an office if your typing speed is 30wpm?

Sure, although typing speed isn't the biggest skill required, but keep practising. Broadly speaking you would also need to have a good telephone manner, excellent communication skills, be proficien... Read More »

What is the most effective way to increase your typing speed?

Practice is the best way to do this but I would offer you a way better solution. You must remember that the qwerty keyboard was invented to slow down typists. When the typewriter was first invented... Read More »

Can you get your laptop/ PC serviced to bring it back up to speed etc When typing the response is slow?

My answer would be the same as the other Chris - It's my Sunday morning job every week. I also delete browsing history a few times a day after I've been playing games