Whay has the wheely thing in the middle of my optic mouse stopped working..I can't scroll down?

Answer In computers as in life, there's no substitute for real balls.

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Mouse arrow on new toshiba laptop,stuck solid in middle screen, cant even sign in,cant shift arrow.any suggest?

You've disabled the tracker.If you're not prepared to use your keyboard to fix it then the first thing to do is plug an external mouse in. Use it.If you're prepared to use your keyboard, to log in ... Read More »

Cant scroll up and down on homepage facebook!!?

Facebook is under siege from the changelings.There are so many new third party apps-and programming changes going on without proper debugging and scripting corrections,so some facets do not functio... Read More »

How can I delete the history from the scroll down thing on google?

i believe you mean a form. for example, on google if you type the letter f, it will show you previous things you typed in like...fat people..haha. if you have firefox, you can turn this setting off... Read More »

My computer wont recognise mouse and cant reboot cant turn of without mouse help?

Do a Ctrl+Alt+DeleteUse the Tab key to move around until Shut Down is selectedHit EnterThe PC should shut downSwap the mouseReboot