Whay has the wheely thing in the middle of my optic mouse stopped working..I can't scroll down?

Answer In computers as in life, there's no substitute for real balls.

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Why has the scroll on my laptop has suddenly stopped working?

There's a Scr LK key on most keyboards = scroll lock.

My touch pad mouse will not scroll can anyone help to fix this problem?

Those touch pad things on laptops have got to be one of the worst inventions ever!! You can't get anything done with them at speed - they're a real nuisance.The best advice I can give you is this:... Read More »

How to Fix Scroll Settings for Bluetooth Mouse?

Mouse wheel is heavily used in productivity applications such as a word processing application or a web browser. Scrolling wheel provides convenience when moving up and down between several pages i... Read More »

Lazy Mouse Scroll (wheel)?

Sounds like you'll have to clean the mouse, as detritus gets in the workings of the mouse. Take bottom cover off teh mouse, and using a cotton bud wipe all the contacts inside the mouse to remove t... Read More »