When I graduate what salary should i expect from my current employer (within the IT industry)?

Answer It is hard to say without knowing where you are in the UK and the local market.Look on jobs boards for jobs with the same level of responsibility and general job content in your area and this will ... Read More »

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My employer says I won't get any salary increase in my current role but my colleagues will. Is that legal?

Its absolutely legal. Nobody is entitled to a raise by law and a company can give people raises, or choose NOT to give people raises as they see fit, for whatever reason, as long as its not based ... Read More »

Is a current employer allowed to tell a potential employer (e.g. in a reference) how many sick days you had?

In short, an employer can put anything they like, into a reference. The only requirement is that it MUST be the truth. Within this remit, any current employer can include anything which they feel i... Read More »

I am attending an actuarial graduate assessment centre, what should do and what can I expect?

Is new employer allowed to check salary with previous employer?

Yes. Legally, a previous employer is only supposed to state your last salary, position held, and whether or not you'd be rehired.