When I try to copy big files to my usb flash drive it only copies the folder empty?

Answer flash drives are formatted to the FAT file can only handle files up to 4GB(actually one byte less than 4GB)so if the files are over that size,they will be rejected.format the drive to NTFS.

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Why is my PC hard drive full when I can only find 89g of files?

Sounds like a damaged Hard Drive or your hard drive has been infected with virus. there's a virus that can make it look like its fullonly i know it only works at Flash Drives. maybe its a new virus... Read More »

My C Drive is Full, D Drive is empty. Can i transfer files to d drive?

Of course you can, why wouldn't you be able to? The D: drive is probably just an empty partition on your main hard disk.Now, don't try to transfer programs from C: to D:, because you'll just break ... Read More »

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If i download files to flash drive,can i then delete the files from computer?

Yes, just go into Wndows Explorer, select the file(s), right click and select 'delete'