When did the Samsung tab 2 10.1 come out?

Answer it was released on the 22nd of august in the uk

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How come, when your waiting for a bus, loads come on the other side?

That's true. Have you noticed also that time slows down as you wait for your bus to arrive?

My laptop screen won't come on the lights come on when it is turned on?

Mine Does the same thing, And When im in the middle of a task it like just cuts off but the power is till on.

Does any 1 no when the movie the condemned torrent is coming out or when it'll come out on websites?

Torrents are to slow for me but "The Condemned" is allready available on RapidShare

How do bats know when it is dark, to come out and feed when they roost in darkness"?

That is a very good question, and I could not find a definitive answer to it. It is a myth that bats cannot see at all, though, so even in the darkness of their caves some light can probably be de... Read More »