When did you first go online?

Answer about 3 years ago..when my kids finally had the patience to teach me how to do it!! - i'm a bit of a dummy with technology!

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Y when applying for online writing jobs, we need to pay first is it safe or we being robbed?

No, never pay to work! That's stupid!There are plenty of websites out there where you don't need to pay and you can publish whatever online services you offer. This is a great system as will allow ... Read More »

When was the first internet connection made and what was the first website to be created?

The internet was first created only for the use of the government and was used for wars to help communications and stuff like that, so the first website was probably just a program that allowed you... Read More »

Im starting my first job 2nd july and im wondering when my first pay packet will arriveany help?

Only your boss, supervisor, or co-workers have enough information to answer your question.

Corsa b 1.2 16v. white smoke when first started then clears when car is warm.?

At this time of year it's probably just condensation.