When did you first start using the internet?

Answer I'm pretty sure we first got the Internet when I was in Grade 3 or 4, which would've been around 2000 or 2001. I have no idea how I learnt to use it, it just came completely naturally to me. Now I'... Read More »

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When and how did the internet start, did tghe internet and computer start at the same time?

Like most technology, it started out as an idea with military applications.While computers were not a new concept in the 1950s, there were relatively few computers in existence and the field of com... Read More »

I want to start making money through the internet.. Where to start?

I do not know how someone could answer something like "everything is scam". There is nothing bad in this to try to make money online. I made my first $100.00 when I was 17 in 2005 from the simple a... Read More »

When i start internet explorer two windows start up?

That's because you have two tabs set up as your homepage, to fix this go to Tools at the top (If it's not there hit alt first) click internet options, and at the top is a box with your homepages li... Read More »

How did the Internet start?…hope this helps