When do the clocks go forward?

Answer Oh how I laughed to see all the American visitors getting it all wrong and thinking they were not only all right but funny with it too ! ! !

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When do Clocks GO Forward and Back in 2007?

The clock went forward in March of 2007. The clock went back in in October of 2007. Every year in the UK the time goes forward in March and backward in October.

After a party at work, a friend tied a helium balloon to his car's gearshift lever and drove off. As he started driving forward, the balloon first went forward and then backward. That's not what happens to everything else. Why does it happen for the ?

The helium balloon is the least dense thing in the car and is responding to forces exerted on it by the air in the car. To understand this, consider what happens to you, the air, and finally the he... Read More »

Why does a helium balloon in a car seem to defy Newton's laws When you accelerate forward suddenly, the balloon moves forward and when you brake, the balloon moves back. Is that because the air inside the car compresses when you accelerate — CT, Ch?

Since the air in the car is denser than the helium balloon, the air's motion dominates the helium balloon's motion. When your car accelerates forward, the air's inertia tends to move it toward the ... Read More »

What are Sun Clocks?

Sun clocks are clocks which use the movements of the sun to tell time. These clocks are somewhat limited in scope, as they do not work at night, but they are the earliest form of clock in the world... Read More »