When i click 'like' on something on facebook, it doesn't say i have on my profile -WHY?

Answer also mine.looks like facebook changed again because there're so many shows page 'likes' only.

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When i click the icon for google search bar it doesnt work?

reset your PC to an earlier date when the bar worked go to Start click accessories then restart

Do Facebook keep visitor information/statistics . I like to know who and when they visited my profile.?

so is this two questions or one?I don't think there's any way to find out who's been looking at your profile. It says in their privacy policy they don't store info on whose page/photos you've been ... Read More »

Is there a option email danny when you click on my profile?

Yes there is, though your personal email address is not complete. (This is because there are too many characters joined together. If wish to leave your personal email address on your profile, mig... Read More »

What does it mean on MSN when you click "view profile" and...?

Exactly what it says. The page has been moved (or deleted). When a page is moved, normally you have a forwarding address, so the system will send you off to the new location of the page. It is exac... Read More »