When i open a pic/photo, when i press arrows under image, i access pics/photos that aren't mine?

Answer normally if for example you are opening them from an email you have received they use a temp folder so you can view them. The other pictures you are seeing are temp images others have used on your ... Read More »

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If i buy a song of itunes, will i be able to access it on different laptops or just mine?

Not unless you authorize them and then you can only do this on so many pcs. Why you people fall for that Apple ITunes crap is beyond me tho. The rest of us merrily go on our way copying and pasting... Read More »

When her I try to go on the Internet with wifi (not mine) it says limited connectivity or access. What do I do?

It means the wifi acount holder has prental controls on meaning dont watch porn on thier wifi cuz they can look what you searched. Basically it means that they are willig to let people outside thie... Read More »

Why does my new laptop make me press shift + R to improve the quality of an image?

This might be of help:…

Is there any way to autosave the image when i press print screen button in my keyboard?

No Can Do. using the PrintScree button.but u could use the But u could usethe printScreen programme"Print Screen is the original and most popular of all Print Screen programs. One keystroke does it... Read More »