When i try to record my voice on my computer it goes into weird digital noise.?

Answer Your microphone might be damaged...!Replace or Repair...

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Why is my computer making a weird noise?

It could simply be dust clogging the fan. Unscrew a panel of your tower & using a small soft make-up brush (if you havent got the 'propper' tools) gently get the dust out, the fan will need unscrew... Read More »

My computer makes a weird noise?

this happens when the cpu collers start spining at a fast speed or when cd drives and fans gets old.there is nothing to worry and cleaning the fans might work

Why does my DVD-drive make a weird grinding noise when I try to use one particular disc?

Or the CD could be slightly bent such that it's off balance when it spins in the tray. The sound could be the CD wobbling in the drive.

What is the name of the card that goes in the back of the computer that the yellow internet cable goes into?

Just out of interest. It is an Ethernet PCI card, but if you don't want to open up your case you can use a USB adaptor which converts USB to Ethernet connection. The purists may frown, but they wor... Read More »