When i try to record my voice on my computer it goes into weird digital noise.?

Answer Your microphone might be damaged...!Replace or Repair...

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Why is my computer making a weird noise?

It could simply be dust clogging the fan. Unscrew a panel of your tower & using a small soft make-up brush (if you havent got the 'propper' tools) gently get the dust out, the fan will need unscrew... Read More »

My computer makes a weird noise?

this happens when the cpu collers start spining at a fast speed or when cd drives and fans gets old.there is nothing to worry and cleaning the fans might work

What is the best way to record your voice?

I would stick with the phone and maybe try to find software that does read the audio files.Try software like VLC player and Audacity for a start...

How to Record Your Voice With an Astro A40?

The Astro headset is a gaming device that lets you hear the sounds of the game as well as talk with your friends during the game using the built-in microphone. If you want to record your voice with... Read More »