When i try to vote on runelocus i get this message:?

Answer You're either hosting some sort of website on your network, or your router/modem has a default webpage for those connecting to your IP through a webbrowser. If you can't figure out, you can easily ... Read More »

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When you get a message saying you are our one millionth etc, visitor to this site just click on this?

If you click it, you're probably the 1,000,000th person to get scammed.

What does this mean..i get this message when i log on?

You must have updated your Windows with the emergency .ani patch in the past 2 days. Well that patch now needs a patch! Go to Windows Update and get the patch for the patch and that information box... Read More »

Sometimes when shutting down my pc this message appears: "Other people are logged onto this computer" How?

Log them off dude. Has your missis or kids got accounts that they are accessing when you are not on the PC. Go to the shut down menu and select log off.

Why when i'm using google search engine is this message coming up.. this site may harm your computer?

What's this all about - I just tried it and it works perfectly!