When i try to vote on runelocus i get this message:?

Answer You're either hosting some sort of website on your network, or your router/modem has a default webpage for those connecting to your IP through a webbrowser. If you can't figure out, you can easily ... Read More »

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Difference Between Plurality Vote & Majority Vote?

Elections are held for many key positions in the United States government, including president, senator and congressman; for governors of the states and for local mayors. Elections are held in a va... Read More »

Received an annonymous text message from, with short message is this an actual person who sent it?

text them back the company will most likely not answer your text or you will get a dear john text back its just like if you call a tellamarketer back.

I sent a message on facebook, deactivated then reactivated my account; how do i know if they read the message?

They can't see your message if you deactivated your account, and I doubt it is resent even after you reactivate it

If we sent message on facebook then we block the recipient will they receive the message?

yes they will get that msg but they won't be able to access on your profile