When is pottermore open to the public?

Answer they are still working out glitches and sorting out random crashes, so no one really knowsEDIT:i have pottermore, and as much as i LOVE harry potter and JK Rowling, its slightly disappointing. they... Read More »

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What time will the Pottermore registration open on the second day?

It opened at 9.00am in England yesterday and they're not going to do the same time again as it is past 9.00am, i thought that maybe they would make it an hour later but i don't know, i seriously do... Read More »

Yes or no: Are you annoyed when parents take an open buggy on public transport?

i have 4 kids and only recently got a car, the one thing i discovered since having them is that everything thing we do as mums someone has an opinion on it, eg, we are in a queue and our baby cries... Read More »


Almost everyone has traits of all four houses in them. There's a decent variety in the questions, you most likely are getting questions that have higher weight towards your particular traits in one... Read More »

Pottermore - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

The Magical Quill Contest took place from July 31-August 6. Those who solved the clues were able to register for a spot in the Beta version of Pottermore. To answer your first question, no one kn... Read More »