When it says Phone on facebook what does it mean?

Answer It means if you click on it they will tell you that persons email address.

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Can I get facebook on my phone?

It depends on your phone serivice provider (ie Verizon, T-Mobile, etc...), however, I honestly don't know of a phone service that DOESN'T provide cellular internet access. The only reason your pho... Read More »

I don't have a phone to log in facebook?

See if it Gives you a another option to verify if it does not than you have to verify by cell phone since you said you dont have one see if you can borrow a friends phone or ask a friend to tell yo... Read More »

How much mb does it take to go on Facebook on a mobile phone?

If you reply msg or sent msg, it won't eat up much data. It will take upto 0.50 - 1 MB probably.But if you browse photo, timeline or upload photos then it will need more data & it will depend on th... Read More »

Help! i cant log in to facebook on my windows phone!?

Try unistalling the app and the reinstalling it.