When it says Phone on facebook what does it mean?

Answer It means if you click on it they will tell you that persons email address.

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What does xD mean on Facebook when someone says it to you?

XD is just another smilie like :) exept xD means happy and exited ... hope this helped you out :D xD

What does it mean when a friend says...?

The phrase pretty much means that he or she thinks your being a bit of a Dick or your pissed at something

On Wikipedia what does it mean when it says?

Wikipedia allows users to update and edit anything they'd like. Its like a public encyclopedia. I think when it says active, it means people are allowed to edit as they like. Don't use that as a... Read More »

What does he mean when he says this to me?

How blind can you really be? The guy wants you to be hisn everything too