When people on facebook (not friends) search my name it comes up with...?

Answer sometimes facebook has small glitches . just waitit will eventually fix up in time .

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On Friends For Sale (Facebook), how do I search for people I'm not friends with?

The easiest way would probably be to just become friends with them first. Type their name in the "Search" bar on the left side above your "Applications" window. If they are going by that name on Fa... Read More »

When I type My Name into google My Facebook page comes up-i have changed my privacy settings but the link stay?

Ok, well I am having the same problem. Except mine is a deleted yahoo answers question that still shows up in their search.Infact I just asked a question about that.Well more bad news for you. Gues... Read More »

Someone made a fake facebook with my pics and name so i reported them and my friends did too but?

Facebook must've deleted the pics and the account because you reported them. But I've heard that every deleted picture is stored on a seperate facebook server which can only be acessed by Law Enfo... Read More »

How do I make my Facebook time private to people i aren't friends with?

explained here…