When people on facebook (not friends) search my name it comes up with...?

Answer sometimes facebook has small glitches . just waitit will eventually fix up in time .

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On Friends For Sale (Facebook), how do I search for people I'm not friends with?

The easiest way would probably be to just become friends with them first. Type their name in the "Search" bar on the left side above your "Applications" window. If they are going by that name on Fa... Read More »

Facebook 5 friends in search bar?

If you look at the code (PHP file, you can access it through View > Source), about 2/3 down, and at the very bottom, there are several functions that describe what they're doing. To summarise the c... Read More »

How to Narrow Down a Search for New Friends on Facebook?

Facebook's search engine makes it easy to find other members on the site. Once you are signed into your account, the search engine is available on every Facebook screen. Searches are private, so no... Read More »

How do I set my Facebook so that no non-friends can search me, or add me or message me?

first step:on the new facebook click the option on top right ie b/w home and settings tab then select [who can contact me]and set it to basic filtering.second step:go to this page http://www.facebo... Read More »