When someone pokes u on facebook r u supposed to respond?

Answer It's entirely up to you.

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When asked on a job application ‘why did you leave your last job’, how am I supposed to respond?

keep it simple and say "seeking better employment oppurtunities"

What does it mean if someone the same sex as you pokes you on facebook?

Don't worry! She was either just playing around, clicked it accidentally, or was trying to bother you. It doesn't mean anything sexual. I've personally never heard of guys poking you on FaceBook to... Read More »

How can you count pokes in facebook?

You have to use a piece of paper and pen. FB book doesn't do it.

What pokes on facebook means?

It's the Facebook equivalent of waving at someone.  It's acknowledging that the poker recognises the existence of the pokee.  It's like saying "Hi."  It doesn't mean anything.