When using a wireless router what is the average Mbps speed?

Answer Its fine. That 54mbps is the max amount of seep it can have. The probable cause is you moved your comp further from the source or it how fast of a connection you have. What i mean is how you can ha... Read More »

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Whats the average internet connection speed mbps?

Bandwidth and speed are related, but are different measurements of the media. Bandwidth is the maximum available amount that one can achieve on a given circuit. Your actual "speed" depends on whe... Read More »

How Come I Only Get 11.0 Mbps Instead of 54.0 Mbps on My Wireless Network?

Wireless networking for homes and small businesses has developed dramatically over a short period of time. The original 802.11 wireless standards only supported speeds of 1 to 2 Mbps; the 802.11b s... Read More »

How much will a wireless router increase my speed by?

They are correct- having a faster wireless router would not matter. Your speed is limited by the slowest link in the chain.If your broadband connection is 2.3 mbps, then that's the maximum speed at... Read More »

I got a Belkin Wireless G Router 2.4 Ghz-802.11g but the speed is sluggish on my iMac & PC Laptop...?

I am well informed on these type modems and you are thinking it will be fast, well it would be if it is connected by LAN, if however you are using radio, then your speed is going to be about the sa... Read More »