When was the Internet first created?

Answer Although of course a lot of work preceded its eventual launch (all of which can be found on a one-page article on the website below) this was how it actually went live: 'ARPANET went live in early ... Read More »

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How was the Internet created and by who?

During the Cold war in 19s American president wanted to have fast connection with the different parts of the country, so that other colonies can raise the alarm quickly when there is attack. Eventu... Read More »

Who created the internet?

The Internet, popularly called the Net, was created in 1969 for the U.S. Department of Defense. Funding from the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) allowed researchers to experiment with meth... Read More »

Who created the internet and in what year?

al gore claims he created the internet by investing in it publicly, but the internet has been around since the 1950's infact, used by the department of defense for security reasons of the US, it wa... Read More »

When was the first internet connection made and what was the first website to be created?

The internet was first created only for the use of the government and was used for wars to help communications and stuff like that, so the first website was probably just a program that allowed you... Read More »