When was the internet first ever used?

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When was the first time you used the internet ?

First time I used a computer was about 6th grade so I was about 11 years old. I don't recall using the Internet at that time. We were using Apple computers and learning WordPerfect on 5 1/2 floppy ... Read More »

When was the first internet connection made and what was the first website to be created?

The internet was first created only for the use of the government and was used for wars to help communications and stuff like that, so the first website was probably just a program that allowed you... Read More »

Can you remember your first ever encounter with the internet?

My first encounter with the internet was back in 1988 when it was still called the Arpanet. I went to Iowa State University and my brother went to the University of Iowa. They had an interesting ... Read More »

Does anyone know what the first video ever uploaded on the Internet was?

I know the first webcam was in some lounge at Stanford University, and the webcam was only a shot of the coffee pot.