When will facebook be back on »» 10points best answer :D?

Answer IT is NOT down I thought it was down - but if you read the page it tells you to untick something in the settings ! I followed the instructions and I am now using facebook :) nothing wrong with it a... Read More »

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Better Suited FUTURE job for me 10points best answer (L)?

You have made excellent future choices in the health and science field. As I am sure you may be aware things and individual interests do change over time. There are other related fields such as cri... Read More »

Weird twitter icon 10POINTS BEST ANSWER?

I dunno what it could be but , if you think it could be a profile tracker i'd unfollow and block that user.:)

Can you help me work out the density of this 10POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER?

The formula for density is Mass/Volume.So first, we find the Volume of the steel block, which is Height*Length*Breadth, i.e. 2*2*1 = 4 cm³Since we already know the mass is 32g, so:1. Answer- The D... Read More »

Does anybody do homeworking jobs like typing from home and getting paid 10points best answer?

There are almost no "legit and reputable" work-from-home schemes. Practically every single one you'll see mentioned will be some dodgy link-building work for equally dodgy sites (a lot of the time ... Read More »