When will the facebook app be fixed and work again?

Answer They keep trying to add stuff to the app, but somehow screw things up that way. I had that problem this whole year, I just deleted the app and went through my web browser. If you go to the app stor... Read More »

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Facebook says Sorry something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can?

Same problem here where I live in London, although in my other social media sites people say their facebook is okay. I think it might be an Apple thing.

Does anyone no how fixed speed cameras work, i was doing 54 mph when a car raced bye me doing nearly 70 mph?

There are several types of camera. The yellow-painted sort, at fixed locations by the roadside, use either radar, or loops buried in the road, to detect cars above a certain speed after they have p... Read More »

Does a gatso fixed roadside camera work from both directions?

only if it points in both directions.usually they only point in one direction

Would you go for a 2.44% fixed for 2 yrs or 2.99% fixed 5yrs mortgage rate?

What happens after the 2 or 5 years? I assume you revert to a standard variable rate (SVR) of 4 or 5%. If the 0.55% difference here is £52, then jumping up to 4% will probably be another £100 on ... Read More »