When will us country folk get faster broadband?

Answer You say you live out in the sticks but you don't exactly say where, but really that is really neither here or there. [Pun not intended!]What you have to remember is small country exchanges ie ones ... Read More »

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Live music in Edinburgh indie, folk, country?

some good places on high street- clever dick's has good music after i think 9 pm- also lots of clubs on cow gate- a bit seedy though.

Why is broadband faster than dial up?

because dial up is analogue and broadband is digital. Computers use a digital signal which in the case of dial up first needs to be converted to analogue. There is a limit to how fast that conver... Read More »

BT says 99% of the country can connect to Broadband?

BT chat sh!t. i hate them. we have buoycotted them. we use pipex homecall for line rental, home telephone, and zen internet for broadband and even that is still the BT line so we use the mobiles as... Read More »

How can I make my old dad's mobility scooter faster so he can keep up when we go for a drive in the country?

I assume it has a battery powered electric motor. If where you vacation is mostly flat ground you can do either of two things: #1. Install a larger sprocket on the motor by one or two teeth. Measu... Read More »