When writing your name to the end of a note to a customer should write just your 1st name OR 1st & last name?

Answer personally i would would put first and last name, this gives a more friendly approach with the professionalism of using the last name. if it is ongoing communication then i would drop the surname a... Read More »

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I would like your opinion about customer service on trains for an article I am writing for school.?

I travel on the train often in the U.K. The majority of rail employees are helpful and friendly. Occasionally ticket office staff are rather abrupt but I think they are the victims of an excessivel... Read More »

How to Write a Thank You Note to Someone You Don't Know Well?

If it is true that you should try to get even only with those who have helped you, then use a thank-you note to get even with everyone who does something nice for you, including that relative stran... Read More »

How to Write a Get Well Note?

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How to Write a Memorable Thank You Note?

Having the right stationery and wording can make the difference between an average thank-you note and a memorable message of thanks. The most memorable thank-you notes are personal, articulate and ... Read More »