When writing your name to the end of a note to a customer should write just your 1st name OR 1st & last name?

Answer personally i would would put first and last name, this gives a more friendly approach with the professionalism of using the last name. if it is ongoing communication then i would drop the surname a... Read More »

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If you took your pets first name and your streets first name as a surname .what would you be called.?

Slippery Drive.........!lolololol(lol, who`d of thought it.?

Did you give your first car a name If so please tell what the name was & why?

I had an old morris minor, dark green it was which was called "The Moggie" or :The Puddle-jumper" and then I moved to L.A and bought the worst Silver Cadillac and called it "Barry" because I Loved ... Read More »

How to Hide Your Last Name on Facebook?

Facebook unfortunately requires all users to include a first and last name for their profile. There is no requirement however on using your real names. This means that you can edit the last name se... Read More »

First Name And Last name won't change on myspace?

I don't have Myspace but why don't you try going to the settings???