When you apply for an IT job, is it helpful to include a reference letter?

Answer Absolutely. It never hurts.Personally, and I must've looked over 500+ resumes over the years - I might've read maybe 10 reference letters. A lot depends on what position I'm interviewing for, and... Read More »

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What exactly can a former employer include in a reference?

A former employer can include anything he/she feels is relevant, but it must be a true and honest reflection of your employment record, during your term of employment with him/her. If you think he/... Read More »

For a waiting job in a pub, do you think it would be necessary to include a reference in my cv?

If it doesn't specifically ask for a refernce then its not required, but it looks good to the employer if you have references available.Try to get someone who is in a professional role (but not a f... Read More »

What does a reference from a previous employer include?

Most employers in the UK have now cut this down to the bear minimum ieNameDates of employmentLocationJob titleReason for leaving [sometimes]There is no legal obligation to provide a reference unles... Read More »

Should I include in an employee reference that they displayed personality disorder?

If you give a reference, you have two duties. Firstly, you have to be fair to the person you a giving the reference about. In the United Kingdom, from where I am responding, you have limited privil... Read More »