When you chat to someone on say skype do you find it strange talking into the computer?

Answer Hell yes! "D", I've just got Skype, but apart from family, I've no one to talk to----------------------------------also… how can you call people if they are not online? puzzles me.

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I was talking to someone on Skype and something came up?

How Can I Know on Skype if Any of My Contacts Are Talking to Someone Else?

When you're on Skype, you may wonder whether one of your contacts is available to chat. Unfortunately, unless she's changed her status to indicate that she's busy or on a call, you won't be able to... Read More »

Is it possible for someone to hack into my computer and find out my address?

Yes, there are some really smart people out there. If they get in the can see any and all information you can see sitting right in front of the computer. Here is a site to tighten up your security.... Read More »

How can I find out if someone is talking about me on the Internet?

You can't. The internet is a vast public forum. You can try Google searching your name but, other than that, you are out of luck. Don't be so paranoid though, nothing good comes from it.