When you delete your internet history or any file on your computer, does it ever really delete?

Answer When you hit delete, it doesn't remove the file from the hard disk, it just marks the area of the disk that the file was on as writable. That means that the data is easily recoverable until that p... Read More »

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How do i delete all the history from my computer while using the internet ?

Go to : tools - internet options - browsing history and click the delete button.

How do You Delete Internet History?

For you to delete your Internet history just click delete history that would be find in Internet options. Once you've clicked it will delete websites that you have visited and want to delete. For ... Read More »

How to delete internet history ?

In control panel in Internet Options you can delete the browsing history.

How do I Delete Internet History?

Many computer users wish to maintain their web surfing privacy, and accomplishing this is as simple as finding the right way on your computer to delete internet history. Whether hiding sites from a... Read More »