When you delete your internet history or any file on your computer, does it ever really delete?

Answer When you hit delete, it doesn't remove the file from the hard disk, it just marks the area of the disk that the file was on as writable. That means that the data is easily recoverable until that p... Read More »

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When you delete a tab from your Facebook, does it delete everything?

I don't think so. I say this because I once deleted a tab, then later I added it again, and all of the previous information came back just as it was before.

When you delete files to your recycle bin and then delete them,do they stay in your pc and how do you check?

You can get a disk recovery program like DiskInternals. When they are "deleted" all that happens is that their directory entry is altered so it looks like they are not there. If you don't write ove... Read More »

How do you permanantley delete your internet history?

The only way to do that is to take the hard drive out and physically destroy it.

How do You Delete History on Your Computer?

For you to delete history on your computer just look for the delete history option that with just a click it will delete websites that you have visited and want to delete. The delete history option... Read More »