When you unsuscribe from someone on facebook, can your old likes still be on their pictures?

Answer Yes, it will be there.

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If u delete someone on facebook will the comments u made on their pictures still be there?

I think the comments stay as long as you are on Facebook. Maybe the person you deleted had removed your comment...

Does it bother you when someone likes your sad or angry status on Facebook?

I think your taking it the wrong way. It sounds like they are just saying "I hear you".. I personally, when I click on the "like" button is because I simply agree with the statement they are saying... Read More »

Someone I do not know has pictures of my son on their facebook! HELP?

Just relax.You have no control over what others post on Facebook.Facebook has not taken action because there is no crime or terms of use violation involved.As for "who is looking at the pictures", ... Read More »

If you delete someone from facebook can they still see what you are writing on your wall?

Hi,Yes, they can see your updates but if changed in privacy settings then they are not able to see you updates. Thanks