When you're asked for user name, does it have to be real name, as reg with software - can it be anything?

Answer never use your real nameAnywhere

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I have a secondhand laptop and when it turns on the user name says -'user' how can I change this to my name?

Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change Account>Change Name

Why does my laptop show a blue screen with loads of writing on when i log on my user name?

restore to settings before the problem. boot-f10-restore. if the works try to get avast or avg antivirus programs free from

How to unlock a laptop when I dont have password or user name?

Crack Laptop Password | Want To Hack Into Notebook Computer / PC?… * Usually, We may create a user password to protect our laptop. Unfortunately, we oft... Read More »

I have two tables in mysql,,,one with id and name and another with id and name,can we compare both id and retr?

You need to post the schema of the tables and "clearly" explain what you are trying to do.Otherwise it is difficult to help.