Where are drivers stored on my computer?

Answer You don't have to worry about the drivers.As your going to reinstall Windows ALL the basic drivers will be installedas well automatically during the installation from the disc.All you have got to d... Read More »

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Files stored on computer.?

Have a read thru this: I believe that people can only keep information about you legally for as long as it's necessary - e.g. if you apply for a job and... Read More »

Why does the computer not come with the maximum possible memory already stored?

because the more memory=more costthus making the computer available for different budgets

I read recently that scientists at CERN produced some form of antimatter, but that it could not be stored. Why can't it be stored and, if it could, would it be a viable method of propulsion — BC, Ottawa, Ontario?

The antimatter that was formed at CERN was an antihydrogen atom, which consisted of an antiproton and an antielectron (often called a positron). Antiprotons and positrons have been available for a ... Read More »

I want to dispose of an old desktop computer. before i do that i want to make sure that all the data stored in?

Eraser is free do I Erase my entire hard drive(s) on my PC?Eraser uses the 'Darik's Boot and Nuke' disk option to erase all your hard drives.To use this option:1. Plac... Read More »