Where are drivers stored on my computer?

Answer You don't have to worry about the drivers.As your going to reinstall Windows ALL the basic drivers will be installedas well automatically during the installation from the disc.All you have got to d... Read More »

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Where to download the drivers for the microphone on my headset to work on my computer?

When you open up Hardware and Sound, and went under sound did u click on recording? Thats where you can choose what recording device you are using. Also for the location of the drivers would be und... Read More »

When you put information into your PC recycle bin and delete it where does it go and is it stored else where?

Its nice to know that Nessie really does exist. I admit to be a bit of a plonker when it comes to PC's but a programme I saw on telly stated that even when things are deleted from the Recycle bin t... Read More »

Files stored on computer.?

Have a read thru this: I believe that people can only keep information about you legally for as long as it's necessary - e.g. if you apply for a job and... Read More »

Where is the spare stored on a ford c max?

Hi Ford when they fit a spare usually put it under the boot carpet so you need to open the rear boot or hatch and there will be a handle lift it and all will be revealed if it has one on the other ... Read More »