Where are them photo's from you see on Facebook?

Answer They could be from a number of places. For example:… you can use google's reverse image sear... Read More »

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Where do i ask Facebook to remove photos of me from their website?

Basically, I would make a temporary facebook account; and add this person who is posting pictures of you. Then i would find the picture and click the "report" button and report the photo to the fac... Read More »

Uploading photos to Facebook from my Blackberry --> photos-public, automatically, yet in my settings all?

1. Go to your privacy settings on facebook.2. Control privacy when you post> Click Friends onlyDo the above, and your post will be posted for your friends only.Facebook desktop version on mobile ? ... Read More »

Is it illegal for a facebook user to steal photos of another facebook user and shamelessly used them?

surly when ppl put pics of themself online there putting them out there at their own risk...

Why are my photos not being displayed on the facebook homepage when I share them?

maby you should email them or try refresh your page