Where can i buy a cheap wireless router in the UK?

Answer I found both Staples and PC World to be good sources.I got a Wireless Router and USB card for 39.99 from PC World 6 weeks ago.At least buyiing from these you have a physical store to go to, you can... Read More »

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Can I connect a wireless router to an existing adsl router to enable wireless connectivity?

The router you choose to do this with needs to be capable of being setup in DHCP mode. This is a typical setting on a cable router (for cable networks like Virgin Media). I don't know if your netge... Read More »

Where can I find my WEP Key , its not under the wireless router?…Delivered.SmellyMoo - "I am a network tech. and a hacker." BAAAWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAhAHAHAHAHA…

Which wireless modem router should I replace for the 2007 Netgear Post Office Wireless Modem Router?

try this - tabs on top…

Where can I get the latest firmware for my Buffalo WMR G54 Wireless Broadband Router?

I didn't find it either... looks like it may be for the UK only?If you need there assistance the email support system is usually very good, they even emailed the firmware to us for a router.