Where can i find installment requirments for linux mint and ubuntu?

Answer 256 ram 4 gig hard drive space min requirement for both ubuntu or mint, would recommend double though…ubuntu requirements page, look at the bottom of page ... Read More »

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Which uses less RAM Ubuntu or Linux Mint 7?

Linux Mint 7 and Ubuntu 9.04 System Requirements…By the looks of the specs. of your PC everything should run fine. I cannot explain why Mint 7 is using 900... Read More »

Which is the best(for every day use and some video editin), ubuntu, open suse or linux mint?

Ubuntu Studio…

Does synergy work on linux mint( i wana connect my vista labtop with my linux mint labtop)?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Synergy HowTo Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)…LUg.

I have linux mint 6, how do i upgrade to linux mint 7?

To be absolutely honest there is little or nothing to gain besides Linux Mint 6 is super stable and is the only primary distro. I run along side Ubuntu 9.04If you still wish to go ahead (and its no... Read More »