Where can i learn about computer hardware?

Answer Well I was actually in your spot about less than a year ago. is where i learned EVERYTHING i needed to know and i build my computer from parts all by myself the only tricky part is... Read More »

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Why do game developers develop games for latest computer hardware when same game can be run on lower hardware?

Latest hardware gives more freedom for developers while developing games. Also they give maximum visual experience while considering the current hardware capabilities. These are the things which ke... Read More »

Computer Hardware help.....?

You can just download software to do it. Here's one I found:…

Computer hardware and architecture?

Your going to have a hard time finding an answer. Maybe you should study your computer architecture or programming book. Maybe ask your Instructor/Proffessor as he should know the answer

What Is a Computer Hardware Diagnostic?

A computer hardware diagnostic is a program or utility with the ability to examine the functionality, characteristics and behavior of an individual computer or server workstation. After the examina... Read More »