Where do I open downloaded files?

Answer it could possibly be in a folder on your "My Computer" hardrive named downloads. It could also directly open it from the sims 3.Try a diffrent browser, internet explorer isnt the best

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How do I delete downloaded files from my computer?

If they're simply files, you can find where they are saved and delete from your computer. If they are programs installed on the computer, the easiest way (I'm assuming you have a pc) is to open con... Read More »

Downloaded .exes will not open?

Windows or your AV software may be blocking the execution of exe files that came from another computer.Try the option to send the file to a compressed folder (a zip file). Then open the zip file an... Read More »

Why do music files downloaded from limewire contain a stupid Bill Clinton sound alike instead of.........?

Don't worry, it is not a virus. It is either some idiot with way too much spare time, or people who want to discourage/slow down p2p music-sharing by doing this... Tell him to just look at the file... Read More »

I have Project Diva in my laptop. But why is that when I downloaded it,it was rar fileHow to open it?

step1:- you need winrar to open itdownloading link for 32bit 32bit)for 64bit you can download 7zchose is yours... Read More »