Where do and how do i sign into my facebook account, can somebody tell me .?

Answer Go to and go to the top right hand corner and click it and then type in your email and password.:)!

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Can anyone tell me which bank websites show PENDING transactions when you sign into your current account?

I am not sure if any Bank sites actually show 'Pending' transactions, but with my Bank (Ulster), it shows me a balance and an 'available' balance - if there is a difference in the two figures, I kn... Read More »

What is the website or program called where you can sign into msn, yahoo, facebook etc?

I know that you can access the instant messengers for those sites on, but I'm not sure about other features. Hope this helps!

Should my cousin email facebook and tell them that she logged into someones account by total accident its a?

No.Just log out and destroy the password if it bothers you.You cant get in touch with them.They deal with thousands and thousands.

Somebody pulled out of a side road into my son's car. She had a give way sign against her Now she blames him?

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