Where do i find primary dns and secondry dns numbers on my computer?

Answer DNS servers are used on the Internet to resolve IP addresses with Website names.Normally when you choose to let your PC obtain an IP address automatically the DNS server information is supplied aut... Read More »

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How to Find My Primary DNS Server on My Computer?

Every computer connected to the Internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Since computers speak in numbers, these IP addresses are sets of numbers, like "" The Dynamic Name System... Read More »

If I have an IP address of someone elses computer, can I find out where that computer is?

This is a 'Vandalism' address... Which is one that has been abused and then used to 'attack' other addresses.You need to contact the IP addy OWNER and report this address to them and it wil lbe per... Read More »

Where can i find out if i have these computer requirements on my computer?

Really you should have a recent (1 year or so max) at least middle of the road system to meet these reqs. if it was a budget PC or a Mac, it'll be hard to meet. Check the following:Boot your comp... Read More »

Where do i find the URL information on my computer ?

If you want to know your own IP address (URL) go to:- it will display your current IP,If you want to trace a hostname address the URL of whose IP ad... Read More »