Where do i find primary dns and secondry dns numbers on my computer?

Answer DNS servers are used on the Internet to resolve IP addresses with Website names.Normally when you choose to let your PC obtain an IP address automatically the DNS server information is supplied aut... Read More »

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How to Find My Primary DNS Server on My Computer?

Every computer connected to the Internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Since computers speak in numbers, these IP addresses are sets of numbers, like "" The Dynamic Name System... Read More »

How do I Find My Primary and Secondary DNS?

To find your primary and secondary DNS in Windows, click Start Menu and then click Run. You want to type in "cmd" to open the command prompt. After this black box opens type "ipconfig/all". When it... Read More »

What information can primary accounts on aol find out?

Some of 'em are...→Your name→Your email address→Your inbox, including the messagesGood luck!

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