Where does harwhich port go to?

Answer By sea, passenger ferries go to Holland, Germany and Denmark while freight traffic can be to or from anywhere in the world.By train, travelling inland, the Harwich line goes to Manningtree where yo... Read More »

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What does use ethernet port as Wan port mean?

A WAN port is a port that leaves your network to travel to a different network. A LAN port is a port that leaves your router to go to computers on your Local Area Network (LAN). Most personal rou... Read More »

Where is the OBD port on a 2001 mgf?

The illustration I have shows it low down under the dash on the drivers side footwell towards the drivers door side. Could be behind a pull out panel though as the illustration is not good or could... Read More »

Where is the USB port on my VIC 20 computer?

LOL, you still have a VIC 20? :D mNo USB though. lol again.

Hi there does any1 knows wat does "IEEE1394" port mean?

Ports such as the IEEE 1394 port are used for connecting peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras to the computer. IEEE 1394 is Plug and Play, which means that you can usu... Read More »