Where else can i find this computer and what are the best alternatives?

Answer I'm not sure where that particular model is, but…is a website that allows you to build your own computer. I recommend the following parts:CM Elite 311 (sec... Read More »

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I've heard that de-fragging your computer is good for it - where do i find the option to do this?

To defragment a drive (On Windows):Open Explorer.Right click any drive and go to 'Properties'Click the 'Tools' tabClick 'Defragment Now'Select the drive you want to defrag, then click on the defrag... Read More »

Who else find this annoying about car carpets?

I agree 100%. If you have a dog or a cat, their hair sticks to every type of automotive carpet I've ever seen - and most vacuums can't get it out unless you just beat the everloving crap out of th... Read More »

Does anyone else find this annoying?

yeah well its a bastard, deal with it as we all have to

Anything Else I need For this computer?

make sure you have the heat sink (usually comes with the processor). Definitely need fans with that processor. The biggest thing is to make sure that the processor chip will fit the motherboard. ot... Read More »