Where else can i find this computer and what are the best alternatives?

Answer I'm not sure where that particular model is, but…is a website that allows you to build your own computer. I recommend the following parts:CM Elite 311 (sec... Read More »

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Help with computer question please. My son visited me today and has been on my computer and now I find I have?

Go to View>toolbar and check standard buttons

If I have an IP address of someone elses computer, can I find out where that computer is?

This is a 'Vandalism' address... Which is one that has been abused and then used to 'attack' other addresses.You need to contact the IP addy OWNER and report this address to them and it wil lbe per... Read More »

How can i find if somebody used my computer. my computer was stolen by airport?

The only real answer to that is, how long was it "lost" for and how strong is the password on it.If it was found in a very short time and you have a very strong password on it, then it's obvious it... Read More »

Where can i find out if i have these computer requirements on my computer?

Really you should have a recent (1 year or so max) at least middle of the road system to meet these reqs. if it was a budget PC or a Mac, it'll be hard to meet. Check the following:Boot your comp... Read More »