Where is Fibre Optic cable used?

Answer FIbre optic is mainly used from your ISP's data points to your home, then its converted into a coaxil cable and then into your standard generic RJ45 connector.Big offices wont use Optics to route t... Read More »

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What's the bit rate of a fibre optic cable?

It depends on the technologies used on both ends...last I heard the record was 84.5 terabits/s per core.NTT did 1 petabit/sec on a 12 core fiber…

Coaxial, Fibre Optic and Twisted pair cable Data Transfer Speed?

Depends on the transceiver and twisted pair rating for fiber and UTP respectively.Cat6a is rated for 10 Gbit, there are fiber optic GBIC/SFP that transmit up to 40 Gbit/sec (OC768).If you research ... Read More »

Is there a map showing where fibre optic broadband is available in London?

These guys do 100mb but its £15k a year and £5k setup fee (O_o)…Just check with BT here by phone number…

Fibre Optic?

I can't answer your specific questions but we are with BT and we've just upgraded to fibre optic - it makes computer activity very much faster, both on the desktop and my laptop (with wifi). The ma... Read More »