Where is the world wide web?

Answer it is not in any one place.. it is essentially a huge network of servers and data from various places worldwide

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What is the best car brand in the whole wide world?

i agree with you it has to be Ferrari.nothing is close to is in a league of its ownand this league is only for the rich who loves the speed or the speeding tickets.

Is my broadband world wide?

There's no doubt your broadband is world wide. If you can email people anywhere, you should be able to email your scots and lancashire neighbors. If not, there's a problem either with the email a... Read More »

Have you ever been on the internet or the world wide web?

I see some people are REALLY running out of questions!!!!!!!!

What does [ web] as in world wide web stand for?

"Web" is not an acronym, it literally means "web", as in a spider web, or a "web of information". It refers to the mesh topology that the network known as the Internet employs. A mesh topology in c... Read More »