Where is the world wide web?

Answer it is not in any one place.. it is essentially a huge network of servers and data from various places worldwide

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Is my broadband world wide?

There's no doubt your broadband is world wide. If you can email people anywhere, you should be able to email your scots and lancashire neighbors. If not, there's a problem either with the email a... Read More »

Can you surf the world wide web (go on the internet) 30,000 ft in the air?

How Does the World Wide Web Work?

The world wide web, also known as the Internet, is collection of computers around the world connected to each other. These connections are usually made through the existing telephone lines. Access ... Read More »

Why do we say WWW instead of World Wide Web The 1st has 9 syllables and the 2nd has 3!?

hathank you for pointing that outnow i can now triple my productivity whenever i am referring anyone to a websiteLOL :)